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Bulk Promotional Heat & Ice Packs

Buy bulk, logo branded reusable hot and cold gel packs from Fast Promotional Products NZ. Made from quality materials, these promotional health items make exceptional gifts for those in the medical field or anyone who wishes to associate their brand with safety and pain relief. Hot and cold packs can be used to relieve swelling, bruising, and light body aches making them an essential for any home or office. We print your unique logo branding directly onto these packs so they can be used as event giveaways, marketing merchandise, corporate gifts, and more. Contact our friendly team today for more information on these wonderful wellness products.

Your Logo Custom Printed

Our experienced team of professional printers will use pad printing to add your design to these affordable custom ice/heat packs. Pad printing is akin to using an industrial-scale stamp to add your logo in a high-quality, durable ink to the products. Your brand will enjoy great exposure once you distribute these products to your New Zealand audience.

11 Products

11 Products

How to Use Promotional Gel Packs

Each of our promotional gel packs contains FDA-approved inert gel beans designed to safely absorb heat or cold and retain it for a period of time. To achieve the best possible results from these products please do the following;

  • Warm: If you wish to use the product warm, place the pack in a microwave for approximately 20 seconds before removing and place on the affected area.
  • Cold:If you would like to use the packs as cool patches, place yours in the freezer for 2 hours before removing and wrapping in cloth before placing on your sore spot.

  • Our hot and cold gel packs can be reused so they're ideal to keep handy at all times in case you need pain relief. Always be sure to handle carefully after heating or cooling and do not apply to your body if the temperature does not agree with you.

    What Can Custom Hot/Cold Packs Treat?

    Please speak to your doctor for specific advice related to your exact condition or injury. We can only speak broadly as to how these products may be used by individuals. Cold therapy is usually reserved for recent injuries such as when you stub your toe, get hit with a sports ball, or trip over. The cold helps to stop light bruising and may lead to decreased swelling and pain in the area. If your injury is muscle-related or or a type of joint pain, heat packs work better at reducing your pain.

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