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Promotional Bouncy Balls Printed with your Logo

Bouncy balls are a fantastic promotional item aimed at schools. We carry a wide array of bounce balls made from sturdy rubber. Our custom-branded bouncy balls are perfect for schools, where handball is quite a popular leisure sport during recess in schools around Australia and New Zealand. Alternatively, physiotherapists can hand these out to clients that need to do physical therapy exercises at home.

2 Products

2 Products

We Pad Print Bounce Balls

Using the latest pad printing technology, we expertly pad print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto one or two sides of the ball. The result is a beautifully displayed logo or emblem on one side or two sides or an optional choice of a slogan or inspirational quote on the other.

What is a Bouncy Ball?

Bouncy balls are small, round novelty items made of rubber. Bouncy balls are typically hollow in the middle; this enables the product to bounce when thrown against a flat surface such as the ground or a wall. Bounce balls are popular items for young people as event gifts as they provide hours of entertainment whether bounced against something or among peers as part of a game.

Bouncy Balls as Fun Gifts

Bouncy balls are the perfect gift for many occasions. Consider handing them out to students or as tradeshow giveaways as they make a fun gift that even adults can enjoy.

How to Clean Branded Bouncing Balls

Handwash in the sink with warm water and a bit of dish soap, or use an antibacterial spray or wipe and gently clean the ball. Do not vigorously scrub, as this will remove and damage the logo.

FAQ on Bouncy Balls

Do you supply bounce balls with custom printing?

Yes, we selly bounce balls with your design branded using either pad print or a direct digital print.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded bouncing balls?

The minimum order quantity for branded bouncing balls is 100 units; we can accommodate a smaller amount if required. Contact our sales team for more information.

What are your bouncing balls made out of?

Our bouncing balls are made out of a natural rubber material.

Can you supply bounce balls in different sizes and colours?

Our stocked balls are 60mm in diameter and come in white, yellow, orange, red, green, teal, and blue. If you're after a custom size or colour, email our sales team, and they can accommodate your request. The minimum for a custom order starts from around 2,500 units with a 10-12 week turnaround time.

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