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Promotional Torches

Torches are a fundamentally useful appliance due to their repeated use and availability. Accordingly, promotional torches are an effective ongoing method of illuminating your unique brand or logo. Our promotional torches feature LED light bulbs for significant luminescence and all of our torches come with included basic long life batteries. To prevent against corrosion, we supply the batteries separately to ensure the life of your torch to the fullest degree. To emblazon your brand we use pad printing techniques to directly and effectively display your brand or logo. For metal surfaced torches, we also offer laser engraving for a spectacular visual effect. Moreover, after decorating, our promotional torches are gift-boxed to your standard to enhance the appeal of the product.

Promotional Torches For Your Events

Promotional torches are great for any event due to their widespread utility. For events such as large social functions, the lower priced torches are perfect as a gift for everybody. These are excellent value for money and still provide the essential function of a flashlight. For business events, the premium torches are more suitable as a corporate gift to a positive impression on the recipient. Other examples of when to provide promotional torches include: hotel accommodation, night time events, emergency accessories for vehicles or just general events where light is a key theme. Additionally, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to empower your brand, we offer mechanically powered torches (eg. through hand crank).

Bulk Orders and New Zealand Wide Delivery

Due to the wide scale use of torches, we recommend bulk or indent orders to save costs. You really cannot go wrong with having too many torches for your corporate events, business occasions or social functions and with indent orders your are able to have torches custom made for you. This means costs will be saved and your torches will be delivered in a personalised way just for you. Also, as our warehouse is located in New Zealand we provide efficient delivery with a standard turnaround time of 1 week but this may be influenced by the size of the order or the urgency of the event.

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