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Promotional Golfing Equipment

Golfing just got better with your unique brand or logo being emblazoned on promotional golfing equipment. We offer a vast range of promotional golfing equipment and accessories that are easily customisable to effectively market your brand. Having your brand gain exposure on the course will enhance your corporate image as well as the enjoyment of your guests during the game. Our golfing equipment is supplied from premium manufacturers so your brand or logo will sit alongside reputable companies which will result in an air of gravitas around your name.

Which Golfing Items Should You Choose?

Our promotional golfing equipment and accessories are segregated into three categories depending on the type of exposure you wish for your brand:

  • Category 1: these items provide major exposure in their utility and size - golf flags, golf club covers, golf bags and umbrellas;
  • Category 2: these are useful items but easily lost - custom golf balls, tees, pencils;
  • Category 3: these are items that are reusable - divots, repairers, golf club covers, key rings

Ideally, consider a combination from each category for optimal brand exposure! Guests of yours will have takeaway memorabilia whilst other players passing by on the course will be exposed to your unique brand or logo.

9 Products

9 Products

Equipment For Your Company Events or Golfing Day

You may think golfing equipment is only useful for a company golfing day but golfing equipment is also great as a gift or charity auction. Even if the recipient is too young or has no interest in golf presently, maybe a relative or friend will find use in them and inadvertently be exposed to your brand. For a golfing day, we can help you tailor your golfing equipment needs dependent on the number of participants, skill level of participants and the necessary items for the day. This way your brand will gain optimal marketing at the best value without over or under supply for your players.

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