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Promotional Satchels

Traditionally, satchels were leather bags with a flap and strap used to carry books. In a more modern setting, promotional satchels have become a trendy way of carrying documents, laptops and similar items, even contesting briefcases. Satchels are a neat way of boasting your brands recognition while providing a useful product. Our satchels are able to be decorated on the front, side, back and even shoulder strap to effectively promote your unique brand or logo.

Custom Satchels for Your Events

Satchels are ideal for business conferences, exhibitions or college/university events to showcase your brand with style. Satchels are popular as they provide you with the freedom to carry essential items without putting extreme pressure on your back. Our satchels are durable, designed to carry heavy loads and intended for repeated use throughout the years. Providing such a bag at your event will leave a positive impression of your brand whilst providing utility for your customers, staff and friends. Also, if you let us know beforehand, we can pre-package your satchels for your events! This way you can focus on the logistics while we handle the promotion. As we are local to New Zealand, we can deliver your promotional satchels in bulk and in a timely manner for your events or occasions.

11 Products

11 Products

How Do We Customise Your Satchel

Our promotional satchels come in a variety of sizes and colours. Depending on the type of material used, we can either use embroidery or screen printing to decorate your promotional satchels. Screen printing allows for the showcasing of graphic designs or logos in solid colours, where as embroidery gives an genuine woven feel to your satchel and provides your brand with authenticity and personality. If you are unsure about the decorating, consult your sales manager on which method of branding would best suit you.

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