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Promotional Novelty Pens

Novelty pens are promotional items with personality. We use pens everyday so why not spruce them up with flare and your unique brand or logo. Novelty pens differ from regular pens by having a dual function. They can write but have additional purposes of being a small torch, a carabiner clip, a lanyard and much more! Our novelty pens come in various shapes, sizes and colours waiting to be personalised with your brand or logo. Our pens are standardised with black ink barrels but if specifically requested, we may be able to substitute the black for blue ink depending on the availability at the time of your order.

Custom Novelty Pens for Your Events

Novelty pens most highly appeal to children and students due to their fun nature. This makes novelty pens great for school, college and university events. If you let us know the age group beforehand we can provide appropriate recommendations of the style of novelty pen and its dual function. Novelty pens are also great for fundraising occasions. Their distinct features are eye-catching and their uniqueness typically prices them well meaning more benefit for the fundraiser or charity.

22 Products

22 Products

Delivery to Anywhere in New Zealand

As we are situated right here in New Zealand, we offer speedy and efficient delivery of your promotional novelty pens. The normal turnaround time is one week from invoice payment, but urgent requests can be boosted to 48-hours. We also offer a large discount for bulk ordering. Moreover, our indent service means you can have your pens custom made just for you. Minimum order requirements are 5000 units but this substantially lowers the price per unit, saving your money, and provides you with an almost infinite amount of customisation to advertise your brand or logo just the way you want.

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