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Promotional Fidget Spinners Printed with your Logo

Custom fidget spinners are a fantastic promotional item aimed at those who can't sit still. We carry a wide array of fidget spinners available in plastic or metal and come in different shapes, such as the classic tri-shape spinner with the bearing in the middle, fidget spinner bottle openers, and even fidget spinner pens. Our custom-branded fidget spinners are ideal for many purposes; they help distract from stress and anxiety and are a great distraction for those with autism or ADHD.

8 Products

8 Products

We Pad Print & Full Colour Print Spinners

Using the latest pad printing and digital printing technology, we expertly pad print or digitally print your logo, graphic, or slogan onto one or two sides. Pad printing is ideal for solid colours logos and small, intricate designs, whereas digital printing is best for colourful artwork with a gradient effect. The final result is a beautifully branded design on one or two sides of a helpful product.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a tri-shaped product with a ball bearing in the middle covered by circular discs on both sides; the most popular option contains plastic, with the internal components being metal. Use the product by holding the disc with your thumb and index finger. Then, flick with your middle or ring finger, or for a more effortless spin, use a finger from your opposite hand.

Anti-Stress Gifts for the Office

Fidget spinners are the perfect gift for many occasions, especially for office workers who tend to keep these branded products on their desks. With day-to-day stress and anxiety, they are the ideal tool for those who want to take their mind off work or for people that tend to fidget.

How to Clean Branded Fidget Spinners

To clean your fidget spinners, dampen a cloth and wipe the surface. To disinfect, either use an antibacterial wipe or spray an antibacterial spray onto a cloth or a paper towel and gently wipe. Do not vigorously wipe or scratch the logo, which will damage or remove the design.

FAQ on Fidget Toys

Do you supply fiddle spinners with custom printing?

Yes, we can supply the fidget spinners with a custom design; choose from pad printing or a direct digital print.

What is the minimum order quantity for promotional anti-stress spinners?

The minimum order quantity for our anti-stress spinners is 100 units; however, we can be flexible depending on how many you require. Contact our friendly sales team with your requirements, and they will happily tailor a quote for you.

Are fidget spinners suitable for all ages?

No, fidget spinners are not recommended for children under the age of three as this item contains small parts that could be a choking hazard. If you give this product to children over three years of age, we still recommend supervision.

Do you have gift boxes available to fit fiddle spinners?

Yes, we do have gift boxes that fit fiddle spinners. The gift box will have safety warnings on the back.

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