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Promotional Tape Measures

Tape measures have remained as a popular tool due to their usefulness and convenient applicability. More importantly, promotional tape measures ease of access and mobility make them a fantastic means of marketing your unique brand or logo. Our promotional tape measures are designed to be durable and long lasting, with their length starting from 80cm all the way to 8m. Additionally, they come in a vast range of designs, shapes, colours and styles so they are appropriate for crafts-people as well as the everyday person. And as we are situated in New Zealand, we offer quick and reliable delivery to accommodate for your events or occasions.

Types of Tape Measures

We offer two main styles of tape measures: soft and hard. Below are listed the differences and suitability of both tape measures so you know which option would be best for you.

  • Soft: these tape measures are used to measure non-linear and flexible surfaces, eg. a persons waist. These are ideal for tailors or individuals in the fashion industry as the tape measures are able to provide an accurate reading whilst conforming to a unique surface. Soft tape measures are also great for office, retail, gym or at home use as they are a fast and easy way to measure objects.
  • Hard: these tape measures are the typical tape measures you'd see at hardware stores, made from soft and flexible aluminium. These offer more durability and are perfect for individuals in the trade industry but also useful for the handy-people at home. Due to their size, these tape measures are great for measuring large surfaces and their rigidity allows for measuring both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the aluminium material is able to bend so you can still measure large scale surfaces with bends or curves

3 Products

3 Products

How Do We Decorate Your Custom Tape Measures?

To emblazon your unique product or logo on your tape measure we utilise pad printing techniques for regular/soft tape measures or laser engraving for tape measures with metallic casings. These methods allow us to imprint or etch your brand onto the tape measure but for larger orders, we also provide you with the further option of personalising the casing of your tape measure to truly reflect your brand. This allows the integration of colour and distinctive designs to individualise your tape measures. Moreover, bulk orders come at a significant discount so be sure to contact our sales team for more information.

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