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Promotional Duffle Bags

Whether you call them duffle bags, duffel bags, kit bags, or gym bags, these durable promotional bags are a popular option for carrying clothes or sports gear in style. Our extensive range of customised duffle bags makes ideal gifts for members of sports teams, students, gym-goers, frequent travellers, and office workers in need of a functional corporate present. All our gym bags come branded using printing or embroidery to ensure your emblem gets noticed everywhere the bag travels.

Why Do Kiwis Buy Custom Duffel Bags?

Duffle bags are extremely popular products in New Zealand because their shape and structure mean they are easy to transport while still holding a large number of items. You'll often see Kiwis travel on planes with a duffle beside them or stored in the overhead as they're ideal travel companions. Another great aspect of the gym bag is its ability to be customised in colour and design to suit marketing campaigns. Lots of health centres, gyms, and corporate retreats love handing these out as attendance gifts and you'll also find them as popular accessories for athletes in regional and national teams too.

12 Products

12 Products

What Are Personalised Gym Bags?

Originally known as duffel bags after the town Duffel in Belgium, these carry accessories have been around since the 17th century. What makes them such an enduring product is the fact that they're produced from thick cloth, making them resistant to most everyday wear and tear. Over time the definition of these unique bags has come to include practically any cylindrical carry bag that is sturdy while still being open structured. All the duffel bags we have here on Fast Promotional Items NZ come decorated with your logo design, making them ideal promotional products as well as functional everyday bags.

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