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Promotional Calculators

Irrespective of the modern age of smart phones and tablets, calculators will never be replaced. Calculators in their one-dimensional purpose still offer ease of use, efficiency, durability, portability, long battery life, understandable display and most importantly low cost! This makes promotional calculators an excellent means of exposure for your unique brand or logo. Our promotional calculators come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles to accommodate for whatever situation you require, and our decoration team will emblazon your calculator with the highest quality for an outstanding visual effect.

Express New Zealand Delivery and Bulk Savings

Depending on your reason for getting promotional calculators, we recommend indent orders to satisfy a large number of recipients. Promotional calculators are great as corporate or business gifts so it makes sense ordering in bulk. Indent orders also offer more flexible customisability to really invest your brands personality into the calculator and come at a substantially lower cost! Additionally, our warehouse is located right here in New Zealand so we offer fast delivery for your events. 

2 Products

2 Products

Why Buy Promotional Calculators?

Promotional calculators are extremely popular with the education sector, namely schools, colleges and universities. This is because calculators will always be necessary for education so why not have your brand help the next generation of students. Another area where promotional calculators thrive is the finance and business sector. They are great for quick arithmetic and are able to be left alone for easy access with little worry of theft. Promotional calculators are even useful in the retail and sales industry. Also, our promotional calculators come equipped with fully charged batteries and gift boxing so they are ready for use upon receipt. But if preferred, we offer the option of having the batteries not inserted to preserve that extra bit of battery life.

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