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Promotional Playing Cards Printed with your Logo

Buy playing cards custom printed with your graphic or logo. Playing cards are a fantastic promotional item aimed at card game enthusiasts and anyone keen to fill in the time in a fun way. We carry a wide array of playing cards in various styles and sets, made of strong and sturdy card that doesn't bend easily. great for on-the-go or after-hours games and an excellent option for promotional events. We deliver New Zealand Wide and our prices are listed without GST.

2 Products

2 Products

We Pad Print & Full Colour Digital Print Cards

We add your logo design directly to the surface of the playing card cases, either via pad printing or digital full colour printing. Pad printing allows for up to 3 solid colours imprinted on the card cases, while digital printing replicates full photographic colour designs. Either way, the result is a stunning custom deck of cards featuring your logo front and centre.

What are Playing Cards?

Playing cards are a set of 52 sturdy cardboard slips, each featuring card-specific designs. The front and back of the cards have distinctive patterns to make orientation simpler for the user, and cards are separated into the ace, numbers two through ten, jack, queen, king, and joker. In addition, the plastic coating finish makes handling the cards easier.

How to Store Custom Card Decks

Store your cards safely away in their cardboard container uniform and neat and seal the box; try to keep out of direct heat and sunlight for long periods as this may cause deterioration to the packet and the cards inside. Also, keep away from open fires and damp environments.

FAQ on Playing Cards

Do you supply card decks with custom printing?

Yes, we sell decks of playing cards with your custom branding.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded decks of cards?

The smallest number of card decks we can supply is 100 sets per order.

What are some games that can be played with a deck of cards?

Some well know card games that can be played with cards include solitaire, go fish, blackjack, cribbage, rummy, crazy eights and poker. You can even make up your own or play classics like Old Maid with kids, there really are hundreds of games in one deck of custom cards!

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