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Promotional Puzzles and Games

Promotional puzzles are fun way of having your users directly engage with your unique brand. Problem solving has been proven to relieve stress and is just a fun activity to do throughout the day. Our promotional puzzles and games range from classics like tile sliders and four-in-a-row games o more modern puzzles such as Rubiks Cubes and jigsaws. Such interactive games and puzzles are ideal as gifts for staff, friends or family due to their entertainment and replayability. We use the highest quality printing techniques to intrinsically connect your brand to the puzzle rather than merely sticking it on. 

Difficulty vs Enjoyment

An important aspect of promotional puzzles is to balance difficulty and enjoyment. This requires you to select a puzzle that is appropriate for your target audience. For example, a child might prefer a jigsaw puzzle whilst an adult might prefer a Sudoku puzzle. The difficulty must be appropriate for the targeted person or persons or else the puzzles enjoyment will suffer. Moreover, puzzles do not even need to be difficult. Some of the best games are simple and just fun to play around with. You must remember that puzzles and games are often shared, so as long as the puzzle is fun and appealing your brand will receive great exposure.

5 Products

5 Products

Promotional Puzzles for Your Events

Promotional puzzles are great as gifts for corporate occasions, social functions, charity events, exhibitions, expos and orientation days for school/college/university students. Puzzles are even fun and simple present to give to your employees, friends or relatives. But remember the variability between puzzles and their difficulty levels. Be sure to appropriate the type of puzzle you provide for the correct target audience. And if you have a specific puzzle in mind, contact our sales team and we will be sure to accommodate to your needs.

Fast Delivery to New Zealand Locations

We print bulk promotional puzzles right here in New Zealand which means we can cater to urgent events and provide fast delivery to any location on the North or South Island. We will dispatch your customised bulk goods from either our Auckland or Dunedin warehouses via fast, reliable courier services. Contact us today to enjoy fast delivery at your fingertips.

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