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Promotional Laptop Bags

Laptops are used by everyone everyday, so, what better gift to give other than a promotional laptop bag bearing your unique brand or logo. Promotional laptop bags have always been popular among corporate and business people due to their protection of technology and lightweight feel. This is a great form of marketing your brand as laptop bags will constantly be on the move, meaning your brand will get mobile exposure as well as potentially be seen by high ranking corporate executives. Our decoration team will ensure that your personal brand or logo is unmissable and your promotional laptop bag attains the highest level of prestige.

Why Choose Promotional Laptop Bags?

An effectively branded laptop bag can arguably rival a promotional backpack. Our branded laptop bags come in a variety of colours and sizes and are decorated through the highest quality of printing techniques. We have a standard range of sizes (11-18 inches) but with technology constantly evolving we are able to customise the dimensions for your laptops upon request. Importantly, we fit our promotional laptops with protective padding and this varies on the size of the laptop bag. For everyday casual use bags we provide moderate padding but for heavyweight bags we implement thick padding that is suitable for transport.

8 Products

8 Products

Custom Laptop Bags for Your Events

Custom laptop bags are great presents at exhibitions, business conferences, school/college/university orientations and trade-shows. Laptop bags would even be a nice gift for your employees, students or friends. However, remember the variability between bags, so make sure you choose the most appropriate type of laptop bag for your event while considering the trade-off between protection and aesthetics. Investing in a promotional laptop bag for your event may be more expensive but the decoration and utility will emphasise a level of professionalism that will resonate with your attendees, customers and clients.

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