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Promotional Yo-Yos Printed with your Logo

Buy yo-yos custom printed with your graphic or logo. Yo-yos are a fantastic promotional item aimed at engaging your clients and calling attention to your brand, organisation or institution while still being fun for kids and adults. We carry a wide range of styles and different materials, such as plastic and wood, allowing us to craft the perfect product for you and your clients. Our online prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST.

3 Products

3 Products

We Pad Print, Full Colour Print & Laser Engrave

Using modern and high-quality pad printing technology, we ensure your promotional items come out of the factory with the highest quality prints ready to be shipped directly to you. The outcome is an excellent and professional-grade logo print finished onto your yo-yos. We also offer engraving services for our yo-yos using a high-fidelity laser to provide an amazingly authentic product with no rough edges or chips. Lastly, we can also do full-colour prints to offer a broader range of colour blending and to print all your logo's colours at once to provide perfect colour matching.

What is a Yoyo?

A yo-yo is a small one-handed toy, usually the size of one's palm or smaller. It consists of two side plates with a deep groove or central axel between them and a string connected in the centre and wound tightly, which can be dropped unwinding the string and rewound by holding the end of the string and flicking the wrist upwards and repeating to keep the yo-yo in motion.

Custom Yo-Yos as Affordable Gifts

Custom yo-yos make a fantastic promotional item or gift for every occasion. For example, they can be used as handouts at trade shows or educational events from high school to university, where you want to catch some eyes and draw more attention to your company or institution. Yo-yos are great gift ideas no matter the event, laid back or professional.

How to Clean Branded Yo-Yos

Depending on the material of the yo-yo and how your branding is applied, there are multiple ways to wash and clean your yo-yos. For example, suppose you have a wooden body yo-yo engraved. In that case, we suggest warm soapy water and rubbing dry but with plastic body yo-yos with pad printing running under water or dabbing with an alcohol wipe is recommended but do not scrub or wipe as this may damage the printing.

FAQ on Yo-Yos

Do you supply yo-yos with custom printing?

Yes, we sell yo-yos that come custom printed.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded yo-yos?

The minimum number of yo-yos you can order from us is 100 for wood and 250 for plastic per order.

What are some basic yo-yo tricks?

Some basic tricks one can perform with a yo-yo include the basic throw, around the corner, walk the dog and the elevator. While our team is a tad rusty with yo-yo moves, we've got a few handy links we can send you to help learn the essentials when you place your order.

Do you stock professional-grade yo-yos?

Our standard yo-yos are all designed as promotional gifts rather than professional devices. However, if you require branded yo-yos of a higher grade, we can source them for you; just let our team know.

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