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Buy Promotional Charging Cables

We stock and supply bulk quantities of cables to charge mobile and tablet devices. Purchase your custom branded cables, complete with your logo personalised onto every cable for promotional use.

How we Custom Brand Cables

Utilising the best methods available to brand onto plastic, and onto cables, we utilise:

  • pad printing (for spot colour prints)
  • Digital printing (for full-colour custom prints of your logo)

Compatible Mobile Devices

Our electronic cables may be used to charge both tablet or mobile devices. All major brands are catered for. If in doubt, please contact a sales team member, for us to verify if your desired unit may be charged using any of the cables within our range.

11 Products

11 Products

Why Use Cables for Promotional Gifting?

Smartphone devices have never been popular. The same goes for tablet devices. As you and I would both know, there never seems to be enough cables to go around. Cables go missing all the time, and if you continuously move between locations, such as home, to the office, to event spaces or if you travel frequently, then having more cables to charge devices is an absolute necessity.

Help your guests, team members or constituents by supplying them with a custom branded charging cable for their device. They will thank you for it, and you will love the fantastic promotional branding exposure that you will get as a result. Truly a promotional item that provides you with a win-win situation.

A Gift of Cables is a Gift of Convenience!

Country of Origin

All promotional cables, come manufactured in China. We stock them locally in New Zealand for fast turnaround times, and to allow you to purchase them in lower minimum order quantities. Custom branding of your logo onto these cables also occur within New Zealand.

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