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Promotional Cooler Bags

Say goodbye to having to drag a rigid esky to the beach thanks to our portable cooler bags. Cooler bags are convenient new way of maintaining food and beverages ice-cold while having the luxury of lighter lifting and mobility. Our cooler bags come with a large plain area that is dedicated to being decorated with your unique brand or logo. These bags come in different sizes being suitable for any event or occasion but most importantly are the easiest way of keeping things cold!

How Our Cooler Bags Work

Our cooler bags are designed with a Styrofoam inner layer that is lined with vinyl or foil to act as a thermal insulator and water barrier. The outside of the bag is typically heavy fabric, plastic or polyester to ensure a secondary coat of heat protection and to maintain structure and versatility. The interaction of these layers creates a flexible and thin bag that is convenient to transport. Here are some useful tips to get the most out of your cooler bag:

  • We recommend still adding an ice-pack to the bag to maintain low temperature;
  • Ensure the bag is clean and bacteria free;
  • Refrain from directly putting raw ice into the bag as the ice may damage the inner foil lining;
  • Properly package your food and beverage items to prevent spills and internal damage.

Why Buy Custom Cooler Bags?

Cooler bags are perfect as a gift for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities like camping, picnicking or spending time at the beach, or for business gifts containing food sampling products. Although, everyone can find utility in these bags as their most common use is in having the ability of maintaining the cold chain of food when transporting your groceries home or even just keeping your lunch cold on a daily basis. Due to their regular use, long life and easy customisability, cooler bags will ensure optimal market exposure for brand with our decoration team providing the highest quality of printing.

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