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Promotional Sunglasses Printed with your Logo

Sunny days, rainy days, it matters little when our custom branded sunglasses look so amazingly good. We sell promotional sunglasses, custom imprinted with your logo or graphics. Buy them in bulk for your guests, party goers, marketing or promotion events.

Logos Branded on Arms

Your custom branding happens on the arm of a pair of sunglasses. We print your logo either on one or both of the arms. For quality and safety reasons, we do not brand on the actual lens itself. Branding is done using:

  • Pad Printed Sunglasses
  • Full-colour custom printing on sunglasses

High Branding Visibility

Sunglasses is one of those unique products, where even small custom prints become extremely obvious and visible. Why is this so? The answer is easy. Sunglasses worn at eye level is visible at eye level to others. A typical pair of sunglasses feature shapes and sizes that are familiar, any interruption to this shape in the form of logos or custom branding becomes instantly powerful visually.

What is a Pair of Promotional Sunglasses?

A regular pair of sunglasses is an item that sits in front of a person's eyes, to protect their vision from harmful strong sunlight. More often than not, a pair of sunglasses make for a great fashion statement. A pair of sunglasses are worn on top of a person's nose, with two arms that swing out to rest on top of a person's ears.

A promotional pair of sunglasses differs in that customised logos is printed onto the pair of sunglasses, to enable it to be used for marketing and brand exposure reasons.

Polarised and Non Polarised Sunglasses

All our cheap sunglasses do not have polarisation. The higher end premium sunglasses available on our website, indeed have more advanced protection from the sun, in the form of polarisation.

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