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Promotional Shopping Bags

The importance and popularity of shopping bags have never been higher. The need and awareness to reuse, and be kind to the environment are essential. This is why our ever-expanding range of promotional shopping bags may be just what you need for your next marketing or promotional campaign.

Shopper Bags for Supermarkets Shops

Many supermarkets have begun phasing out single-use plastic bags. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to buy custom branded shopping bags, in bulk quantities for your guests as a means to promote your brand name.

Large Custom Branding Area

The undeniable appeal of shopping bags, for marketing purposes, is they feature a large blank space that makes any logo, image or branding that you apply onto them pop out! Custom branded bags have a branding space that is huge and can accommodate up to several different brand name logos easily. This provides you with options to co-brand the bag

How Printing is Done on Bags

The sign of a good print onto a shopping bag is a combination of Sharp, crisp prints, strong, vibrant, accurate colours, long-lasting branding effect. We custom brand onto bags by using:

  • Screen printed shopping bags
  • Full colour digitally reproduced shopping bags

Tips on Selecting The Correct Bag

Many different types of bag options are available to suit all sorts of different scenarios. When you consider, which style of promotional bag to use, consider:

  • Convenience, do your guests require the ultimate convenience, such as those offered by fold up bags?
  • Eco-Friendly, yes bags will be reusable, but even reusable bags come manufactured with recycled materials, or they may feature fabrics that bio-degrade safely should they eventually be disposed of
  • Size of the bag, how much do you want the bags to carry?
  • The strength of the bag, do you anticipate weighty items to be stored within the bag?
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