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Promotional Audio Speakers Printed with your Logo

Buy audio speakers custom printed with your design or logo. Fast Promotional Products provides a wide variety of audio speakers with custom decoration for giveaways and corporate events alike. Our audio speakers are manufactured from quality electronic components and have durable cases. So whether your recipients are listening to Spotify or the local radio station, one of our custom-branded audio speakers can help get your organisation noticed daily. Website pricing is listed in New Zealand dollars and excludes GST.

We Pad Print and Digital Full Colour Print

We use traditional pad printing to add logos to speakers in 1-3 solid colours and digital full-colour printing for complex designs or those with photographic colours. No matter our decoration method, we're sure you'll be satisfied with the stylish and professional results.

Fast Shipping in New Zealand

We stock audio speakers in New Zealand for fast decoration and delivery. Orders take a standard time frame of 2 weeks to complete, including delivery across the country. However, if you have an urgent deadline, let our team know, and we'll assist with an urgent option.

What is an Audio Speaker?

An audio speaker is a device that helps project music or sounds so that people can hear them over distances or in large crowds. Speakers connect to electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and TVs via cable or Bluetooth to produce sounds to boost the functionality of these items. Enhance your next brand promotion using custom audio speakers due to their high level of functionality and perceived value.

Popular Branded Gift Ideas

Our audio speakers make ideal gifts for companies looking to connect with consumers and staff of all ages. Whether someone listens to Mozart, the local AM radio station, or the latest hip-hop releases, they'll find an audio speaker a valuable gift. In addition, we add your message or logo to each audio device so that your recipients can link the brand with their positive audio experiences. So don't get left behind; join a trend that extends across countless New Zealand industries and invest in branded speakers to get your message noticed.

How to Care for Branding on Speakers

When not using the speaker, store it in a dust-free area. Remove any dust with a regular once-over using a microfibre cloth. Only use speakers in well-ventilated areas to help avoid the potential for overheating. Do not get promotional speakers wet, as this may harm the user and the product.

FAQ on Speakers

Do you supply speakers in bulk with custom printing?

Yes, we sell speakers in bulk with your custom branding.

What is the minimum number of custom audio speakers I can order?

The minimum order quantity for bulk custom audio speakers is 10 units per order (though this may vary based on model).

What is the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a regular speaker?

A regular speaker requires a wired connection, which needs to plug into the device to work. A Bluetooth speaker is a wireless speaker which needs to be connected or paired with the Bluetooth feature on the computer or mobile device before it can work.

Can you make audio speakers in unique custom shapes?

Yes, we will make speakers in unique shapes for orders above 5k.

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