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Promotional Temporary Tattoos Printed with your Logo

Buy Promotional Temporary Tattoos custom printed with your logo. Temporary tattoos are a perfect, fun way to get your brand recognized to a widespread audience and are loved by children and adults alike. Temporary tattoos are small and lightweight, so their compact size makes them perfect promotional item for when you’re on the go. This extremely versatile product can be printed in your custom shape in vibrant full colour, and we can even supply glittery and glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos as well! These are the perfect promotional gift for sporting events, game days, holiday parties, and any other event where you would like to provide a fun, inexpensive handout to a wide audience.

13 Products

13 Products

What is a Temporary Tattoo?

A temporary tattoo is a decorative image that can be applied to the skin for a short period of time using water. Most wash off between 3-7 days but can be easily rubbed off any time with soap and water. They are a novelty item made with a special type of decal paper that transfers the image from the paper to your skin when you get it wet. Temporary tattoos are lightweight and compact, so they’re ideal for giveaways and events.

These are a fun and eye-catching promotional product because applying the tattoos is part of the fun! Then, you are left with a beautiful, vibrant, full colour tattoo that lasts about a week and is a great way to get your brand or message noticed. Each individual becomes a walking canvas! These temporary tattoos can be completely customised to suit your specific brand, and we even have glow-in-the-dark and glittery tattoos available as well. These tattoos are perfect for theme parks, schools or universities, game days, gyms, sporting events, races, and many other functions. What makes this such a terrific and popular product is their low price point and vast personalisation.

We Full Colour Print Tattoo Gifts

Here at Fast Promotional Products NZ, we have access to the latest branding technologies. These temporary tattoos can be printed in a beautiful full-colour design, meaning you can have as many colours, shading, and gradient in your logo as you’d like! This achieves an eye-catching look that will pop in vibrant full colour. We can also print these in your custom shape, so each tattoo is a unique, individual promotional item.

Raising Awareness with Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great promotional product to create brand awareness. Some of our past jobs include the Australian Flag, which is popular on Anzac Day, and the pink Cancer Ribbon, which is popular at events and races promoting Cancer Awareness/Fundraising. Temporary tattoos are a great product to reach the masses as they are fun and easy to use and can convey a powerful message utilising a powerful logo.

Unique Finishes for Temporary Tattoos

‚ÄčAt Fast Promotional Products NZ, we have a few different finishing options for your temporary tattoos. We have the original finish full colour tattoos and can even supply glow-in-the-dark or glitter tattoos, for an extra eye-catching promotional product. These can take your temporary tattoos to the next level and really be a conversation piece.

FAQ on Temporary Tattoos

Do you supply temporary tattoos with custom printing?

Yes, we supply temporary tattoos with your custom branding.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom temp tattoos?

Minimum order quantity is 1000 units per design.

Can you make temporary tattoos in custom sizes?

Yes, we can create temporary tattoos in custom sizes and custom shapes.

Can you produce temporary tattoos for an urgent deadline?

Our temporary tattoos are custom-made-to-order, so there is 3-week production time for these. They cannot be expedited, so start thinking about your tattoo order today.

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