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Promotional Jute Bags

Jute is a natural fibre similar to that of hemp or flax used to create coarse materials such as burlap. Jute bags have become increasingly popular due to their biodegradable and environmentally friendly nature. The material has high tensile strength and low extensibility resulting in a bag that is both durable and functional. Jute bags are an ideal method of promoting your unique brand or logo as they exemplify public awareness for the environment and the eco-positive personality of your company, whilst providing a product that is useful for everyday life.

How Do We Decorate Your Jute Bag

Compared to other promotional products, jute bags only come in one natural colour and are limited to specific size and volume dimensions. But do not worry, your unique brand or logo will still be effectively highlighted on the bag! Our promotional jute bags also come with a nifty front pocket, that is unwoven, so you can store extra small devices like your phone or keys. We use high end printing techniques to illuminate your brand or logo in a single yet dominant colour. Also, since we are located in New Zealand expect fast turnaround times of your promotional jute bags.

Why Buy Custom Jute Bags?

Jute bags are becoming extremely popular products in New Zealand as they are great alternatives for people who wish to eliminate the use of plastic shopping bags. Irrespective of being made of vegetable fibre, jute bags are able to withstand surprising amounts of weight, even being able carry a full bag of vegetables and fruits! The natural fibre allows for better breathability than similar materials maintaining produces best condition. Due to their reusability, jute bags are great as a gift at social events, for staff or friends, and are well liked by the agricultural sector. Additionally, these bags effectively promote reforestation efforts and vest your brand with integrity.

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