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Buy Promotional Pencils Custom Branded

Bulk purchase your promotional pencils from us, for your next event. We have regular pencils, colouring pencils and mechanical pencils. All stocked in New Zealand and ready to be decorated with your custom logo. Pencils are the perfect alternate product to promotional pens. Pencils will always be popular, due to the convenience, ease of use, and the fact that pencil lines and markings can quickly be erased.

Branded Pencils Delivered Fast in NZ

All our pencils come delivered to you, in bulk quantities, complete with your logo or graphics, custom printed onto the surface of the pencil. Make these promotional pencils truly your own.  We brand using:

  • Pad printed pencils: Using pad spot printing machines
  • Full-colour printed pencils: Using direct digital print onto pencils

Colouring Pencil for Kids

Other than black marking pencils, we have a comprehensive range of colouring pencils. Perfect for kids and adult colouring, our pencils come in a variety of appealing happy, bright colours. Use them as part of your promotional or marketing activities for kids. Kids and adults will love them, and you will definitely like the branding exposure, that it will provide for you.

14 Products

14 Products

What is a Promotional Pencil?

A pencil is a traditional writing instrument that enables surfaces, typically paper to be marked with lines and drawings. A pencil is characterised by having a wooden outer, with an inner dark grey circular inner. The inner section enables colour to be dispensed when contact, pressure and movement are applied. Wood is used to encase the internal graphite lead, but modern mechanical pencils made from plastic, and metal allows the internal graphite lead to be dispensed using an automatic mechanism.

Our pencils are further custom branded with your logo, or graphic of choice, making it a perfect promotional item, and a perfect promotional pencil.

What is In Our Pencils?

Our pencils are produced using Basswood or Poplar wood.

Type of Graphite used?

There is no lead in any of our pencils. All our pencils come made with a mix of graphite and wax. Our pencils adopt the middle range HB colour grading scale. The HB colour is suitable for most general usage.

Pencil Shapes

Pencils supplied by us come available in round, hexagon, as well as flat rectangle shapes (commonly referred to as Carpenter Pencils).

Country of Manufacture

Pencils supplied in bulk wholesale volumes from us originates from China. Custom branding occurs locally in New Zealand.

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