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Promotional Thermal Mugs

Thermal mugs are a great travel companion and a fantastic means of maintaining the perfect temperature of you beverages. More importantly, promotional thermal mugs act as a great means of marketing all year-round due to their mobility and utility. Our promotional  thermal mugs are designed to be durable and long lasting, even being able to sustain large drops whilst suffering no critical damage! Additionally, our thermal mugs come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and colours to accommodate for everyone's needs. We customise your promotional thermal mugs through laser engraving, chasing your unique design or logo directly onto the surface of the mug. However, we also offer printing techniques to imprint your logo in colour to have your brand truly stand out.

How Our Promotional Thermal Mugs Maintain Temperature

Many people think that a thermal mug contains a heating element to keep beverages hot but actually a thermal mug maintains temperature by preventing heat from escaping. The double wall construction of our thermal mugs insulates its contents through a vacuum, making sure there is no air for the heat to be transferred to. In the same way, cold beverages are kept cold as heat from the outside is prevented from reaching the beverage due to the vacuum between the insulated walls. Depending on your budget, we offer inner plastic insulation or a more premium inner metal insulation, which retains heat (or cold) better than more affordable options.

How to Keep Your Custom Thermal Mug in Good Condition

Thermal mugs need to be cleaned on a routine basis. Due to the science behind the insulation and vacuum process, we recommend avoiding using dishwashers and instead hand washing your thermal mug with detergents and hot water. A neat trick to thoroughly clean out your thermal mug is to use sodium bicarbonate (ie. baking soda) for a new and refreshed feel. Here are the steps for a deep clean:

  1. Mix the baking soda in the thermal mug with water;
  2. Seal the thermal mug and shake it vigorously so the baking soda and water covers all areas within the mug;
  3. Rinse the thermal mug;
  4. For stains outside the cup use baking soda and water mixture and use a cloth to dab that onto the outside of the mug;
  5. Rinse with hot water and let the thermal mug dry.
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