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Promotional Mints Printed with your Logo

Buy promotional mints custom printed with your design or logo. Mints are cool promotional items for any event to keep someone from getting bored during idle or dull moments. So whether you are waiting at Audi's showroom or simply waiting for an event/meeting to start, these mints will help you stay busy and keep your breath fresh.

15 Products

15 Products

We Full-Colour Print Digital Labels on Mints

Using the latest digital printing technology, we expertly print your logo or design in full colours onto a sticker label and attach it to the packaging of the mints. The result is remarkably finished branding featuring your logo or slogan on the packaging.

Mints Make Refreshing Gifts

Mints are a fantastic gift idea for your next event. They can be packed in small packets or canisters, making them a perfect gift for any occasion. It does not simply give us fresh breath but helps us to keep calm. Having fresh breath and staying cool results in a more engaging convo and new ideas.

What is a Mint?

A mint is a candy with a refreshing, natural peppermint flavour. It helps to keep your breath fresh after having a sumptuous meal. In addition, mints with your logo printed on them give a boost to your branding as it promotes that you are encouraging a more open conversation.

How to Store Branded Mints

Keep the mints stored at dry ambient temperature. Avoid stocking on places that will have them exposed to direct Sunlight. Consume within 12 months from the manufacturing date to enjoy the freshness.

FAQ on Promotional Mints

Do you supply mints in custom printing?

Yes, we sell mints with your promotional decoration on the packaging.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded mint packs?

The smallest number of mints we can supply is 100 packs per order.

Do you have sugar-free mint options?

Yes, we use sugar substitutes on some of our mints to create a sweet taste like sugar.

Do you have mints with sugar in them rather than sweeteners?

Yes, we also have mints made with natural sugar. Please specify which you would prefer when ordering.

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