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Promotional Toys and Novelties

Promotional toys and novelties are ideal for getting your organisation noticed as they are loved both by adults and children alike. At Fast Promotional Products New Zealand, our range of toys spans from sports balls, frisbees, balloons, beach balls, custom playing cards and much more! Toys are undoubtedly one of the best methods of marketing as they engage the recipient in an enjoyable activity which helps link your brand favourably to the experience. Something as simple as bouncing a ball to your friend, colleague or coworker becomes a means of sharing and exposing your brand to those around you.

Yes, We Deliver to New Zealand Events

Having our warehouse, which stocks our toys and novelties, right here in New Zealand allows our local couriers to deliver your custom branded toys and novelties quickly. Moreover, we can make arrangements to deliver anywhere in NZ. If you don't believe how fast we are, check out our fast turnaround times for bulk orders below.

  • Standard turnaround time: 1 week from your invoice payment
  • Express turnaround time: 2-4 days depending on your location

Why Buy Logo Emblazoned Novelty Gifts?

One of the best means of utilising toys as promotional products is through social functions and fundraising events. With flashy and vibrant colours, toys immediately capture people's attention and accordingly, your brand. Toys also have an inherent selling factor as kids will be constantly drawn to them. It is advantageous to associate your brand with a friendly and fun aura as it boots peoples perception of your company. Promotional toys and novelties are also perfect for corporate gifts. Items such as card sets, game sets, poker sets appeal to more mature individuals and will cause the same level of enjoyment as a kid would have with a promotional ball.

How We Decorate Wholesale Toys

We offer top tier promotional toys and novelties, ensuring that your brand is successfully marketed to every age group. Although, we are aware that toys typically undergo harsher treatment than other promotional products, especially when played with all the time. For this reason, we make sure that the toys are well branded, usually through pad printing, engraving or labelling, to extend the lifespan of your promotional toy or novelty. Most importantly, our toys comply with safety regulations and are appropriate for use by ages 4+.

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