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Promotional Badge Holders

Badge holders have become a common place item in modern offices and businesses, used as a means of identification and security. Procuring custom made badge holders for your unique brand or logo is a great means of marketing whilst ensuring your recipients have a reliable and durable holder. Our promotional badge holders are designed with a high quality internal mechanism that ensures safety. Moreover, depending on your recipient, you may wish to opt for a badge holder that features a plastic clip over a metal pin. Although note, that this plastic clip may affect its attachment onto certain materials but is safe for all ages.

Types of Badge Holders

Our promotional badge holders are fit to a universal scale for ID cards. However, if your card is larger than the standard parameters we offer a clear plastic pouch which is then attached to the badge holder to hold your ID card. Our ID clip attachment options are variable with many options to choose from. If the standard option does not suit your preference feel free to check out our website for further choices. These options are what you would normally see attached to a lanyard but they work just as well with a badge holder. Having these choices allows for you to factor in different sizes and weights when choosing your badge holder.

Bulk Orders and New Zealand Wide Delivery

Our stock for promotional badger holders are right here in New Zealand so we offer timely and efficient delivery. Our standard turnaround time is around 1 week but this may be expedited for an urgent situation. Additionally, bulk orders for promotional badge holders come at a considerable discount. Buying in bulk not only has the advantage of lower costs but also allows for the badge holders to be even further customised aa large amount of people, like at a conference, staff mend easily distributed to eting or exhibition. 

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