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Plastisol Transferring on Products

Plastisol transfer is a method of decoration that incorporates elements from screen printing but differs as the designs are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of being directly printed onto the object. Plastisol transfers are an indirect decoration technique where the prints can be stored before being applied, removing any need for setting up a screen or using inks.

what are promotional transfersWhat is Promotional Plastisol Transfer?

Promotional plastisol transfer involves creating a custom print with your unique design, logo or brand and applying it to a promotional product of your choice. Since the plastisol transfers are stored, you can apply them in any way you want and even at your own home with a heat press machine. They are most commonly used for promotional hats, shirts, hoodies & sweaters, as well as some types of bags.

How Do Plastisol Transfers Work?

There are two primary types of plastisol transfer methods:

  • Cold-peel: this involves applying the plastisol transfer with a heat press and waiting until the ink has cooled. Cool-peel transfers are rigid and have a smooth or glossy look. As this method provides excellent opacity, it is typically used on athletic uniforms;
  • Hot-split: this involves immediately removing the transfer paper after it has been applied to the surface of the product. Since the plastisol ink is still hot and fluid, it splits. This method leaves a thinner layer of ink meaning there could be issues with opacity. Although, this is almost indistinguishable from a direct print when correctly administered.

Another method is hot-peel, where the paper is peeled while the transfer is still hot, but the ink layer does not split. Or puff transfers, where the applied transfer results in a 3D and raised look. The method you choose will decide on how you wish for your design to look like on the product.


Plastisol transfers have a multitude of advantages:

  • Their quality is extremely similar to screen printing;
  • There is no mess as with traditional printing requiring ink;
  • You can use full colours and place the print in a variety of ways;
  • Designs can be printed in bulk but used only when needed;
  • Time and money can be saved by printing multiple designs in different sizes.


Plastisol transfers are hindered as they:

  • Require a specialised heat press machine which means that you must apply the design yourself. This also adds additional costs on your printing;
  • Evince an artificial feel, meaning it may only suit certain designs;
  • Can be damaged when exposed to heat if not properly taken care of;
  • If not correctly applied the plastisol transfers may crack and wash out easily.


Plastisol transfers are ideal for applying a thick and crisp print on products that would otherwise be difficult to decorate with traditional printing. Although, you need to be careful to correctly apply the transfer to achieve high quality and prevent easy damage.

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