BLUNT is known locally and internationally as the one to choose for top quality umbrellas, but did you know that Fast Promotional Products NZ offers authentic BLUNT brollies with your custom logo branding?

Innovative, High-Quality Umbrellas

BLUNT umbrellas are built for traveling, thanks to their UV protection, rip-resistant canopy, and the ability to keep up to 55mph winds at bay— all while looking good. Even if not branded, a Blunt umbrella attracts looks from passers by. These sleek umbrellas have the best design out of all the umbrella innovations of recent years. They come in rich colour options - your logo will look amazing against it!

Durable Corporate Gifts

Durability is what Blunt is all about! Blunt umbrellas are high-speed wind tunnel tested and feature Blunts exclusive innovations such as double struts which reinforce the umbrellas floating ribs - all to make the frame stronger. The famous Blunt tips mean that not only you won’t poke anyone in the eye with your branded Blunt umbrella but they will also allow tension to be distributed evenly across the branded umbrella canopy.

Bulk Branded For You

These branded umbrellas are not the cheapest option around by a long shot, but they are worth the investment when you require a top quality corporate gift for your recipients. There’s no doubt custom BLUNT umbrellas would be the go-to for everyone who’d receive it as a corporate give away. It can also represent company values such as strength and sustainability - ideal for an insurance company, solicitors office or a modern tech company. Promotional umbrellas are such a classic marketing tool, it’s time to re-invent them with Blunt!