“Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you lose an idea forever.”

British author and journalist Will Self has a point. How many times have you desperately searched for a pen and paper to record a phone number, take a message, or capture that brilliant idea that just popped into your head out of nowhere, to no avail?

Logo Branded Bulk Notebooks

Sure we all have a smartphone these days, but for recording our thoughts and ideas, for journaling and planning and documenting, for getting the creative juices flowing, there really is no substitute for a good notebook.

Promotional Products that Work

Almost everyone uses promotional notebooks. If you’re somebody who works in an office you almost certainly have a stationery cupboard loaded with them somewhere nearby. If you’re a school or university student, I’ll bet you use one more or less every single day. And if you’re none of those things, I reckon there’s still a pretty good chance you’ve got at least half a dozen notebooks at home, stored away in desks or bedside drawers, or lined up on a bookshelf, just waiting to be used.

Options, Options Everywhere

There’s a dizzying amount of choices to be made when it comes to custom notebooks. You’ll have your own opinion on what’s best, but some things to consider when ordering a supply of notebooks are:

  • paper size
  • number of pages
  • lined, plain or graph pages
  • the quality of the paper
  • hard or softcover
  • what kind of pen or pencil to use with your notepad

Make It Your Own

It’s easy to customise notebooks with your company’s logo, branding and details, giving you a great marketing giveaway that people will be eager to get their hands on. And it’s not just the inside of the notebook that will harvest creativity – the covers of notebooks are a really good canvas for an eye-catching design that will pique the interest of existing and potential customers alike.

So if you’ve got a good idea for a notebook-themed marketing campaign or giveaway, grab a pen and get scribbling.

But be quick, you’ve only got three minutes!