When at a seminar or conference, if given a personalised metal pen, as a thank you gift, you're sure to note the company's name. Why is that? Well, it could be because they have a certain feel about them; or that they have a weighty presence, maybe it's the shiny container, or maybe it's the classy look of them. Whatever it is, there sure are benefits of passing out metal pens with your company logo.

Metal Promo Pen in Case

Why Choose Promotional Metal Pens?

Promotional metal pens help elevate your marketing campaigns to cool, classy, and modern modern levels as pens are sure to help your recipients with any written work. Metal ink pen options come in variety of colours, styles, and multifunctional capabilities. Personalising these pens gives you countless ways to cast your creativeness and help empower an engaging tool at an official event.

Branded With Your Logo

Smooth and shiny, metallic pens will keep your marketing pens fresh and memorable. From matte designs to high shine, metal pens can vary as per the requirement. They can made to look as per your desire, from chic to classic. Adding a professional feel to your promotional writing tools that can boost your company’s engagement with your consumers. These metal pens can also be engraved, thus giving off a professional impression or feel to your company.

Our Favourite Custom Pens

Here at Fast Promotional Products, bulk branded metal pens are some of our most popular products. These three are always well received by New Zealand recipients. If you're keen to find a branded metal pen for your next campaign, we humbly suggest the following styles:

If you'd like tailored pen suggestions please don't hesitate to speak with our customer care team today!