Promotional t-shirts are just the right way to attract onlookers to your brand logo. They trigger interest, and build a customer base, without much effort on your part. These can be passed on to customers, employees or even potential clients. If one is wearing them at a mall, a public gathering or even walking down a park, your company’s logo that is distinctly placed, is bound to get noticed.

custom promo tee

Branded Shirts Available in Bulk

We offer shirts of all types, for men, women, children — people of all age groups. We also offer a variety in designs and colours, all from established clothing brand SOLs so you know you're getting quality clothing at a reasonable price.

Decoration Methods

The two most popular branding options for t-shirts are screen printing and digital printing. Screen print involves transferring your spot colour ink onto t-shirts through a cut-out screen featuring your design. It is cheap and vibrant, making it a great option for those working with a budget or seeking a simple branding solution.

Digital printing allows to decorate your tees in bulk with full-colour designs, meaning it's ideal for photographic images or eye-catching designs.This method is more expensive, but the results are incredible and can be worth the extra investment.

Great Marketing Merchandise Ideas

If you are looking for marketing products that will not dent your budget but will still give you maximum brand exposure at event for staff and visitors, then custom printed shirts are an ideal choice. Practical and functional, they evoke a sense of “team spirit”, and thus classic promotional t-shirts serve as a widespread brand recognition for any kind of event you can think of! Speak to our staff for more information on the tees we have available for sale across New Zealand.