Our great country has a wealth of hobbies, pastimes, and leisure activities that cater to absolutely all tastes. From bungee jumping to salsa dancing and rugby to flower arranging, the combination of our wild and beautiful outdoor spaces and rich arts and culture scene makes New Zealand a truly world-class place to unwind.

To get even more out of your leisure time and give your business a fun promotional boost, we’ve picked out 3 great items that would make superb marketing giveaways.

Personalised Golf Balls as Leisure Gifts

Personalised Golf Balls

According to New Zeland Golf, there are 390 golf clubs in the country, which puts New Zealand second in the world for the number of golf courses per capita. Golf is also the highest club participation sport in the country with around half a million Kiwis playing the game. An incredible 5 million rounds of golf are played in our fair land each year!

All of which adds up to an easy marketing win with these customised ​premium golf balls​!

Small Custom Rugby Balls

No trip to the beach, park, or even the back garden is complete without chucking around a rugby ball. Rugby is our unofficial national sport and a key part of our national identity. Tap into that New Zealand pride with these ​branded fun-sized rugby balls​ and watch the games unfold with your branding firmly at the heart of things.

Promotional Picnic Bags

OK, so the idea of going for a picnic might not be top of your list during the winter season, but spring is just around the corner and when it arrives there’s no better way to get into the spirit than with a bit of al fresco dining with your friends, family, colleagues, or customers. These promotional ​four-person picnic backpacks​ combine everything you’ll need for four people to eat out in style with your business name as the centrepiece.