A while ago we riffed on the fun that comes from playing a nice, civilized game of cards. Well, if you’re looking for a more high octane marketing giveaway, you should consider the humble promotional footbag . Nothing more than a small, round bag filled with sand or rice, the footbag is the centrepiece for all sorts of games, high jinks and shenanigans. Here are our top three footbag game ideas to distract you from working.

Promotional Hacky Sacks for Games

Circle Kicking

The go-to footbag game. So popular is circle kicking that it has become known as Hacky Sack in its own right.

This game involves any number of players standing in a circle, taking turns to kick the bag to each other around the circle without letting it touch the ground. The aim of the game is simply to keep the footbag in the air for as long as possible. One complete trip around the circle without letting the bag hit the floor is called a ‘hack’, two rotations is a ‘double hack’, and so on.

Footbag Net

A hybrid of tennis, badminton, volleyball and Hacky Sack, this game sees players trying to volley a footbag back and forth over a five-foot-high net without letting it hit the ground.

Only the player serving can score points – as is the case in volleyball – and serves must cross the court diagonally – as in tennis.

Games are played to 11 or 15 points, but you can only win by two clear points. It can be played in teams or individually, with a defined number of touches allowed each side per rally.

Freestyle Footbag

One for the show-offs, freestyle footbag involves an individual player trying to keep the bag in the air for as long as possible through a series of tricks, such as spins, jumps and ducks. Often freestyle footbag is set to music to add an extra level of performance to the routine.

So now you know what to do, get your customised footbags ordered, clear some space, and get the games underway! Just don’t blame us for any breakages…