Golf, as we know it today, goes all the way back to the 15th century, and the links land – the sandy dunes that joined the fields to the coast – of Scotland. To its fans, golf is the perfect balance between physical activity, competition, and being out among nature. To its detractors, it’s just a good walk ruined. But there’s no denying that tens of millions of people around the world play golf, and it’s an industry worth billions and billions of dollars.

promotional golf tool use

It’s a sport that comes with a language all of its own too: birdies, bogeys, shanks, gimmes, mulligans. Not a weird list of medical conditions, but rather all things you’ll find on the golf course. And then there’s the oddly named promotional golf divot tool, too.

What Is A Custom Golf Divot Tool?

A pitch mark repairer – or divot tool – is a small device with two prongs protruding from one end that is used to repair the turf on the green, where players putt (attempt to hit the ball into the hole).

When golfers hit their approach shots into the green, the impact of the ball on the closely cut grass can leave small holes called pitch marks. The divot tool is used to repair these so that they don’t get in the way of the ball when players are putting.

How To Use A Divot Tool

The trick is to fix the divot from the back. When the ball lands it pushes all the grass to the back of the impact hole. Simply push the divot tool into the back of the pitch mark and push the turf back forwards, repeating the process around the impact point until the hole is filled in and the grass is returned to its original position. Once you’re finished, gently tap the turf down with the bottom of your putter. Good as new.

Get Prepared For Your Next Round

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