Here’s a secret that it’s hard for most marketers to admit: good conferences, truly valuable conferences that send their attendees home with new knowledge and vigour, are in the minority. More often than not, these ritual events fall flat and the amazing opportunity that was on the table fails to materialise. By way of example, how many conferences have you attended in your career so far? And how many of those can you really remember being useful?

Event Preparation

The key to setting a conference up to succeed is preparation. Put all the foundations properly in place and you will give your event the best possible chance of being a hit. And part of that preparation involves making sure you’re stocked up on the essential items you need to stage a great event.

Basic Conference Items Everyone Needs

Certain items will be a necessity for a well-functioning conference. Think about branded pens and custom notebooks, these should be front and centre on your list of promotional items. That’s because they’re so useful, in demand, and relatively inexpensive. Also, attendees will expect these items to be available to them.

The next level up contains items such as branded tote bags for carrying conference materials, and more premium – but equally useful – office items such as USB memory sticks or wireless phone chargers, which will always be in demand.

Unqieu Custom Gift Ideas

However, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to these essentials. Exercise your creativity and think of new ways and products to attract interest in your business. Our range of branded promotional products covers everything from logo printed aprons and stress balls to jelly beans to Santa hats so there’s no reason you can’t think outside of the box