People across New Zealand love heading into the great outdoors during spring and summer each year. With the sun increasing in its warmth, everyone needs to stay cool and comfortable. The right choice of head gear will offer just the perfect level relief from the sun’s intensity. Be it the beach, a gym, a park, a shopping centre, wherever; all heads will turn if you have the right cap on!

Yellow Promo Caps

The Ultimate Sunny Weather Gifts

Don't let the sun pull you down at your outdoor event, grab the right hat for the occasion; with a personalised logo printed to boost your brand’s visibility, as well as providing your recipients with a piece of headwear that will come in handy otherwise too. Something that they are sure to use again and again.

Branded for Events and Campaigns

Promotional hats are in popularity as attire at all outdoor festivities. With their personalized features they are distinctive from other hats. Customsed caps are a trendy tradition now. They come in all styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Personalized hats are a great choice for people wanting to get their brands recognized, and, they offer a sizeable and noticeable branding area. Also, the surface of these hats is ideal for projecting embroidered designs and digital prints, both. They are an ideal means of promotion for businesses, groups, teams, schools/institutions, events etc. Best of all, these hats are available in a variety of colors and materials so there's bound to be one that will fit your requirements.

Caps are an easy and effective way of marketing your brand. We offer a variety of hats in different fashions and styles designed to elevate your brand. Here are some of our ideas for fashion caps that we think you'll love for your next promotion!

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