Promotional giveaways are so often purely functional. That’s not a bad thing – items like pens, notepads, and memory sticks make such great merchandise exactly because they’re so useful. People want them because they need them, and use them in their daily lives. And in turn, they give your business great exposure and help to build your brand’s reputation with customers and potential customers alike.

But there is another way to do things.

Promotional Rubber Ducks

Sometimes a novelty giveaway can really capture the imagination. Sure, you have to pick the right item, with the right branding, at the right time, and in the right way. But if you do get it right, it can really make an impact.

We’ve picked out three novelty promo items that we think you’ll love, to get the creative juices flowing, and give you some inspiration for your next promotional campaign.

Promotional Rubber Ducks

It’s an amazing underdog story. The simple bathtime branded rubber duck has become an iconic symbol recognised and loved around the world. From Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s world record-breaking giant rubber duck that occupied Sydney harbour in 2013, to the many rubber duck races that are held all around the world every year, this charming little yellow toy has a special place in our hearts. It was even inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2013!

Logo Printed YoYos

If you pick up a YoYo, it is literally impossible not to try and have a go with it. Go on, I challenge you. See! Yoyos are easy to play with but surprisingly hard to master, and it’s this mixture of accessibility and challenge that makes them so appealing to kids and grownups alike.

There are loads of different styles too, from retro wooden YoYos to these light-up models.

Custom Piggy Money Banks

OK, this isn’t purely a novelty item, but much like the rubber duck and the YoYo, it plays on the same powerful feelings of nostalgia and fun. You might your promotional piggy money bank finds use as an office kitty, or is taken home to be used as a savings pot, and a quirky reminder of your business.