Promotional products are a fantastic way to grow your business or brand, reach new audiences, and strengthen that connection with your existing customers, clients or partners. The problem, as anyone who works in marketing will know, is attracting people to events where you can unleash the power of your promotional merchandise. But there’s another way!

Mail Out Promo Envelope

By choosing products that can easily be mailed, you’re potentially not only reducing costs and labour, but also making that journey into the recipients hands much easier. We’ve picked out three great products that will help you to reach your audience by mail, so read on, and let’s hear it for the postie!

Promotional Tote Bags

As we move away from our reliance on disposable plastic bags, we’re increasingly embracing new alternatives that are better for the environment. Custom tote bags are a great option. They’re stylish, easy to customise, long-lasting and can easily be packaged up and mailed out.

Customised Key Rings

We’ve blogged before about the usefulness of keyrings and their quest to rid the world of the evil that is lost keys syndrome. But the other great thing about branded key rings is that their compact size makes them one of the best bits of promotional merchandise there is!

Logo Printed Lanyards

Many of us have spent much of the last year or so working from home, as offices and workplaces closed down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, as we all return to normal life, and with it office life, our stylish range of lanyards are a great way to personalise ID passes and spread your brand around the workplace.