It’s a bit of a generalisation given the vast range of climates we get across New Zealand, but generally speaking, most areas of the country will have between 600 mm and 1,600 mm of rain a year. That might not sound like a lot, but trust us, that’s a lot of downpours you’re going to need to take cover from, no matter whereabouts you are.

With that in mind, a good, reliable umbrella should on the list of essentials for every single resident of our fair land. They should, really, be handed out at birth to each proud Kiwi, a symbol of our nation’s unique climate and our own obsession with it. Until the day comes that such legislation is passed, however, we’ll be here with our selection of the best brandable umbrellas that will keep the rain away, but the customers engaged.

Personalised Universal Sports Umbrellas

For sheer coverage, not much is going to be this mighty ​sports umbrella​. With a diameter of1,300 mm by 1,010 mm when open, this big brolly is going to give you plenty of shelter from the storm.It’s also an eye-catching design and can be customised with your name or logo, turning rain into a good thing for your brand

Light Stick Umbrellas

This futuristic-looking ​light stick umbrella​ folds up to a handy size but, best of all, it features a super bright LED shaft which lights up with multiple colours, keeping you not just dry, but also safe and sound at night by making you visible to traffic on dark roads

Compact Branded Umbrellas

For sheer ease of use and convenience, this ​compact umbrella​ is pretty unbeatable when it comes to keeping a shower off. With a metal and fibreglass eight-rib frame, its strong enough to handle some really bad weather, but small enough that it can be easily folded away and popped in your bag when the sun returns.