It’s not that long ago that sustainability was little more than a fad, an afterthought for businesses who used it as a marketing tool more than a way to preserve the planet. And going back even further, sustainability and environmental impact often weren’t considerations at all, for businesses or consumers. But the times they are a-changin’.

promotional eco cutlery set

Sustainable Corporate Gifts Matter

The 2019 In Good Company report carried out by the Sustainable Business Council found that “across all eight industries, at least 47 percent of New Zealanders say they care about sustainability when choosing a brand/product to purchase.” It also concluded that, for New Zealanders, “sustainability is ranked the third equal most important factor when making a purchase choice after quality and price.”

Now that we increasingly understand the effect our lives are having on the planet, there’s really no excuse for not prioritising sustainability for your business. And as the research shows, consumers are increasingly focused on supporting sustainable brands, shunning those that they don’t perceive to be doing their bit for the planet.

Boost Campaigns With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

We make it easy for you to bring a little bit of that eco-friendly goodness into your promotional campaigns. Pens are a staple of the branded merchandise stockroom, but with these Eco Choice Logo Decorated Pens, made from a combination of polypropylene and natural rice husk fibre, you can get your customers writing the right way.

These beautiful Bamboo Cutlery Sets meanwhile are durable, strong, and stylish, and a great alternative to single use plastics for cafes, food trucks and all sorts of events. So do your bit for the environment and see what sustainability can do for your business by adding eco-friendly merchandise to your marketing toolkit.