With so many different shapes and sizes available, it can be difficult to know what the right choice of drinkware is for your beverage, and why that particular glass is the right choice. It’s not just about aesthetics, the right glass compliments its drink in multiple ways, from allowing the aromas to be released to keeping its contents warm or cool, depending on what’s required. So do you know your tumbler from your stein? Or your flask from your flute?

Customised Glassware

Branded Wine Glasses

Red and white wine glasses will have a rounded shape so that the wine can be swirled and aerated. Generally speaking, glasses for white wine have a tighter opening so there is a smaller area of drink to aerate. This prevents the wine from oxidising too much and retains the wine's more delicate flavours. All wine glasses have a long stem handle to prevent your hand from warming the drink. Check out our large ​350ml wine glasses​ and our smaller ​215ml wine glasses,​ which are ideal for wine tastings.

Personalised Flutes

Perfect for handing out at a high-class event, these ​170ml champagne flutes​ have the same long stem as a wine glass, but a narrow opening again to preserve bubbles and stop the drink from going flat too quickly. They’re also a great way to serve champagne cocktails.

Promotional Tumblers

These flat-bottomed glasses are used for a wide range of drinks, all the way from whiskey to water. Our ​450ml tumblers​ are made from a shatterproof, odour resistant, BPA free, and recyclable material called Tritan that makes them durable and great for indoor and outdoor use. And best of all, they can still be customised with your logo!

Custom Beer Glasses

Give your beer the glass it deserves with this ​385ml beer glass​ complete with laser-engraved logo and optional black gift box. They’re a stylish shape, comfortable to hold, and the stem handle will help to keep the drink cool.