Kia ora! Research shows that our frequently used devices such as tablets, phones and laptops, are the most unhygienic. When was the last time you cleaned your devices? These gadgets harbour all kinds of germs and diseases - after all we touch them throughout the day.

Custom Tech Cleaning Products

Reliable Custom Cleaners

Promotional screen cleaners are useful custom giveaway items to offer staff, students, and business clients, as nearly everyone uses a laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone on a daily basis. Personalised screen cleaners from Fast Promotional Products NZ will not only help keep electrical devices tidy, but also project your company’s logo to boost your brand recognition. Custom cleaning sets and cloths act as a powerful pick-me-ups when personalised with your company logo, or message.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Microfibre cleaners are the product idea for you if you fancy something that balances being useful, affordable, and stylish all in one. A microfibre cloth cleaner is manufactured from soft but resiliant microfibre that is tough enough to work on most screens but doesn't leave dreaded scratch marks on these expensive surfaces. Our team will add your logo, graphics or  imagery onto custom microfibre cloths for your next promotional or marketing event without breaking the bank.

Great for Everybody

Logo branded microfibre cleaning kits, keyboard cleaning brushes and/ or sticky microfibre cleaners are ideal for cleaning up smudges, stains, spills, debris and dirt. These cleaning products are suitable for all sorts of devices, mobiles, LCDs, Sunglasses, Tablets and even artifacts, antiques and expensive furniture.What makes our kits different from microfibre cloths alone is that they often come paired with a sensitive surface cleaner, ideal for using with the cloth to remove stubborn marks or stains.

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