Chinos, desert boots, and aviator sunglasses… No, not Tom Cruise’s wardrobe for Top Gun, but rather everyday fashion pieces that have a history in the military. The clothes and accessories worn by soldiers, sailors and pilots over the years has always prioritised functionality, and for that reason, many of these items have crossed over into the world of fashion. And to that list you can add the duffel, or duffle, bag.

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Using Custom Duffle Bags

Nowadays, if you already own a duffel bag, it probably isn’t because you're about to set sail for some far off land. It’s probably because you needed a convenient, lightweight, but roomy bag for your gym kit, or a weekend getaway. But these bags were originally used by the navy because they were lightweight and cheap, and could hold plenty of equipment.

And while your kit is now more likely to be trainers and a towel than a compass and a life jacket, duffel bags are still a great choice for the same reasons: cost and convenience.

Unique Styles, Great Gift Ideas

As well as being affordable and incredibly useful, duffel bags are hugely stylish. From these brightly coloured and eye-catching Sports Duffle Bags to these sleek Carry On Duffle Bags and these elegant and contrasting two-tone Huntley Duffle Bags, carrying your gear has never looked so good.

Check out our full range of customisable duffel bags and add a little bit of history and high fashion to your marketing campaigns. Ahoy!