Some items of clothing are such classics, so perfectly designed from the moment that they were first conceived, that they’ve barely changed over the decades or even centuries since they came into use. Into that category of timeless garments, we usher the beanie. The beanie hat remains so popular because it can be worn casually but also dressed up when paired with more formal winter clothes. They’re really comfortable and cosy too, making them ideal for colder weather. But who invented them?

Promotional Beanie in Winter

The History Of Personalised Beanies

Hats go back thousands of years, but the specific lineage of the beanie could arguably be traced back to the nation of Wales in the 14th and 15th centuries, and more specifically the area around the town of Monmouth in the south of the country.

The area had a reputation for the fine quality of its wool, which in turn was made into ‘Monmouthcaps’ by the local knitters. These hats became hugely popular and were worn by people from all walks of life across the United Kingdom and beyond, as Brits settled in other parts of the world.

Modern Winter Headwear Choices

It was in the universities of the United States of America where the beanie hat found new fame in the first half of the twentieth century. Here they were handed out to new students to identify them as ‘freshers’ on campus, a practice that still continues at a few institutions today. They were also adopted by the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 70s and were worn by famous musicians, writers, and thinkers, giving the beanie a new image and desirability among young people.

Beanies for Your Next Campaign

Beanies enjoyed another resurgence during the 1990s and were seized upon as a stylish, fashionable, and easily brandable item for promotional marketing. They’re still a great choice for campaigns and events during those cooler autumn and winter months – check out our great range of customisable beanies here!