As the issue of climate change continues to rage across the global news media, consumers are becoming increasingly inclined to support businesses that are committed to sustainable practices. Adopting eco-friendly business policies doesn’t just make a good impression on customers though. Environmentally sustainable businesses are often more efficient and foot lower comparative operational costs than those that aren’t.

To help you put sustainability at the heart of your promotional merchandising, we’ve selected 3 eco-friendly promotional gifts that can be cost-effective and inspire confidence in your brand.

Eco-Friendly Cups With Branding

Reusable Branded Coffee Cups

It’s an astonishing statistic, but every year in New Zealand 295 million takeaway cups end up in landfill sites. Nobody wants their coffee habit to hurt the environment, and the good news is now it doesn’t have too. Our ​reusable coffee cups​ come in a range of designs, sizes, and colours, and make it easy for your customers, clients, and employees to make a difference.

Cotton Calico Tote Bags

Since the government banned single-use plastic bags on 1 July 2019, shoppers have increasingly turned to promotional ​tote bags​. These long-lasting and durable bags are made from unbleached, plain-woven cotton. They are easy to print with custom designs, patterns, and logos, and due to the lack of processing in the production process, they can be cheap too!

Recycled Custom Notebooks

Pretty much every office in the world has a stationery cupboard tucked away somewhere. You can do your bit to help the environment by stocking those stationery cupboards with recycled notebooks. These ​retro-looking Wiro notebooks​ look great, and both the covers and internal pages are made from 100% recycled parchment so they’re good for the environment too.