Here’s something that might surprise you. In March this year, the global market research company Technavio published a study that concluded that the paper notebooks market has the potential to grow by $16.6 billion in the next four years, with a Calculated Annual Growth Rate of 7.25%.

Promotional Moleskine Notebook Set

So if you thought the days of the simple notebook and pen were behind us, think again. In fact, even in 2021, notebooks remain one of the most popular items of promotional merchandise you can use. They’re cost-effective, easy to ship and brand, and are extremely useful.

What About Mobile Phones?

OK, these days your phone can do pretty much everything. There’s apps for note taking, writing and editing. There’s apps for event scheduling, collaborating and drawing. There’s even an app that claims to be able to translate your baby’s crying. The world, it seems, has become obsessed with apps!

Custom Notebooks vs. Phones

However, a notebook and pen have a great deal of benefits over your mobile. For one, they can’t run out of battery (and why does that always happen at the worst possible time?). Writing and journaling have also long been considered powerful tools for boosting your memory and mental health, and reducing stress levels. Regularly taking notes will also improve your handwriting, as well as your spelling – you won’t be able to rely on that often troublesome autocorrect!

Making a List, Checking it Twice!

So if you’re pondering your next promotional campaign, or just looking to refresh your branded merchandise, consider what these classic notebooks could do for you and your business. And if you’re still on the fence, why not make a pros and cons list?

See, you reached for a pen and notebook there, didn’t you?