As I sit here typing these words, I have beside me a glorious and much needed hot cup of coffee. And I’d bet that a good amount of you, as you read this, will have a mug of something similar sat next to you on your desk, or in your hand. Custom mugs like these have barely changed over the years because why would they?

The design and functionality they offer is pretty much perfect already. And that’s one of the reasons why, in the age of takeaway coffee outlets everywhere and thermal travel mugs, they still make such fantastic pieces of promotional merchandising

Functional Custom Gifts

There’s lots of other reasons why branded ceramic mugs still work for these purposes too. And somewhere near the top of this list is how easy they are to customise with your choice of design. Go and have a look through the cupboards in your office kitchen and you’ll see a huge array of looks, some more eye-catching than others. Which leads to our next point.

Unique Printng Options

Not only is it easy to custom brand mugs, but if you do it right, they can look fantastic. And when ceramic mugs look great, people don’t just keep them to drink out of, they’ll also use them as desk ornaments, pen holders, or even as plant pots. Which all adds up to a lot of great advertisements for your business.

So why not pop the kettle on, and have a look through our wide range of promotional and customisable mugs.