Cast your mind back, way back to your school days. And in particular, maths lessons. Now if you’re anything like me, just the thought of days in stuffy classrooms trying to understand the secret code that is algebra, equations and statistics is enough to make you start sweating nervously and bring you out in a rash.

It was only the presence of my faithful and reliable pocket calculator that got me through those dark and difficult times.

Promotional Calculators

Are Branded Calculators Still Relevant?

Of course, in the modern world where everyone has a smartphone in their back pocket, what purpose do calculators serve? After all, it’s an often repeated fact that your smartphone is several hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than the computing technology that took Apollo 11 to the Moon. What chance has a humble pocket calculator got against the might of Apple, Samsung, Google et al?

A Smartphone’s Strength Is Also Its Weakness

Using your smartphone in the classroom, in an exam, or even at your desk at work though, could land you in trouble, whether that’s because of the risk of cheating, or your boss suspecting you of killing time on social media or looking at cat gifs when you should be working.

And don’t forget, your average smartphone needs charging every single day. Calculators, on the other hand, can last far longer before their batteries give up. So when you need to urgently and accurately crunch some numbers, it’s a calculator that you might want to rely on.

A Classic Promotional Gift

Promotional calculators also have a retro appeal. The classic 1980s look of the pocket calculator is hugely appealing. And much like the humble branded pen, they’re a marketing classic. That’s because people keep them, they end up on desks, and then they end up being useful, which is a great association to build with your brand.