In 2020, it might seem like fridge magnets have gone out of fashion, but they remain a very collectable item. They still make great souvenirs and giveaways, partly because they so closely remind us of places and events we’ve been to and experienced.

Let’s try this. How many of you have at least one fridge magnet stuck to your fridge right now? I’d bet it’s at least half of you.

And of those who have, how many of you have promotional fridge magnets that you got as a holiday souvenir, or as a memento of a place you’d visited? Again, I’d bet it’s at least half.

Promotional Magnets on Fridge

Your Fridge Is Marketing Space

Fridge magnets also remain popular because they’re so useful. Whether at home or at work, we use our fridges as noticeboards, posting messages, assignments, reminders, dates, phone numbers, pictures, postcards, your children’s homework, and all manner of everyday paraphernalia to the front of our most used kitchen appliance.

And this is why fridge magnets as marketing tools can be so successful. If your branded fridge magnet ends up in use at someone’s home or office, they’re going to see it, at eye level, several times a day, for years.

You’d pay huge sums for marketing that powerful. But fridge magnets come at a fraction of the cost.

Choose from a Huge Variety of Promotional Magnets

Fridge magnets come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got everything, from word sets to picture frames, and bottle openers to notepads, so have a think about whether a fridge magnet merchandise might work for you or your business.