We’re a proud nation, and rightfully so. This great and beautiful country of ours has given the world so much. So if you want to give your promotional merchandise a patriotic flavour in return, what are the best products to choose? Here’s our top five!

Promotional Items for New Zealand

5. Promotional Stubby Coolers

Essential for keeping your brew cold on a hot day, parties, BBQs and all manner of other occasions, the stubby cooler is a must-have for any proud New Zealander.

4. Custom Branded Bucket Hats, Caps and Beanies

Protect yourself from the sun and look good doing it, or (more likely) keep the rain off when the weather turns with our wide range of headwear.

3. Logo Emblazoned Glassware

Your drink deserves to look good in some stylish glassware too, and what better way to raise a toast on Waitangi Day than with your own New Zealand branded glass? Cheers!

2. Personalised Sports Towels

Useful for the beach, just as handy after a downpour, where would we be without the humble towel?

1. Team Logo Mini Rugby Balls

We couldn’t call ourselves New Zealanders if we didn’t include a rugby ball in our top five. We can’t make you into Dan Carter, but we give you a stylish branded rugby ball to chuck around with your mates.

Timing Is Key

There’s all sorts of other promotional items you could put your own patriotic stamp on though. Explore our wide range of products and embrace your national pride! Branded New Zealand merchandise can strike a chord and be extremely popular, especially around certain dates such as national holidays, major sporting competitions, and elections. Time your promotional drive right, and you could reap the benefits.